The Acne Scars Article Of Your Dreams

When I was a child I had facial herpes on my left cheek near my mouth. It had passed but my skin on that area acted strange, the colour was red to orange and the surface of it was dry and so stiff that it was painful. It was like I had a piece of plastic glued to my face. And then suddenly my skin would burst and began to bleed. That was even more painful! The process was repetitive.

This torture had lasted for years until I found the cure. So If you have the same problem I strongly recommend you to start treat it with marigold ointment. Because of the fact that it is greasy I recommend to put it on before sleep. And patience is very important, it takes a little bit of time but it is worthwhile.

Almost every drugstore has it, but here is the recipe for home preparation. Those that can be bought contain preservatives that should be avoided as much as possible. And when it comes to healing the skin, this becomes even more important.

So here is how to prepare it:

You will need 30 ml of marigold oil and 2 gr of beeswax. Put the marigold oil and wax into a jar and then put a jar into a pan with water and heat it until the wax is molten. You need to test the mixture by putting it onto a cold plate. If it is too hard add more oil, and if it’s too soft then add more beeswax.

Pour the liquid ointment into a plastic jar. Wait until it becomes cold and gets hard and then close the jar. That is it! It does not take a lot of time and is pretty simple to do it.

Marigold ointment gives very good results in regenerating the skin. It helps in healing sunburns, small cuts, dry skin during the winter and even stretch marks and acne scars.

When I was searching the solution for that skin problem I mentioned at the beginning, I noticed that there is often a slight confusion when talking about all the benefits of this plant. It seems that there are two plants with totally different characteristics but they are both called marigold. These are French marigold (Tagetes) and pot marigold (Calendula Officinalis). The first one is not edible. The second one, Calendula Officinalis, is the one with all the healing characteristics. This one is even edible and can be very useful in healing various internal conditions also.

Natural Treatment of Acne

Our first reaction is to panic from this embarrassing and burdensome problem and the overwhelming fear that you won’t have any control over your breakouts. But with a few simple tips this fear can be conquered.

Before calling for an appointment with the dermatologist, there are natural remedies that can be just as effective as medications. With the right nutritional balance and proper skin care is all your body needs. By following these simple tips you are taking the first steps to help heal your acne. In about 4 weeks you should see a noticeable difference.

Tips for Acne Free Skin:

Apply to honey mask – by applying this to your face one or twice a week, the antibacterial properties will disinfect and heal minor blemishes. This is great for those of us with sensitive skin.

Use acne soap – wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap specifically designed for acne. Get into a routine of washing your face when you first wake up in the morning and then again before going to bed. A gentle rotating motion is recommend and be cautious not to scrub your face. In addition, use a soft washcloth in place of one that is rough. Avoid overwashing your skin as this will encourage your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, thus creating an increase in acne.

Clean hair – long hair or bangs are stylish but hair contains oils that can add to acne breakouts. Pull your hair off your face and wash it everyday and after sports or strenuous workouts.

Eat your carrots – if your mom’s also trying to get you to eat your carrots it’s because of the beat-carotene (Vitamin A). Vitamin A prevents acne by strengthening the protective tissue of the skin. This vitamin is crucial for the maintenance and repairs of tissue that skin and the mucous membranes are made of and helps reduce the production of sebum. Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant, is needed to rid your body of toxins.

Take you vitamins – your skin is a vital organ that is usually neglected. Depending on nutrition, acne can be a signal that there is something wrong on the inside. When the body does not receive the proper nutrition it rebels by producing excessive sebum, clogging pores, and reduces the ability for your skin to fight bacteria and heal.

Makeup – many makeup products on the market today may contribute to clogging your pores thus causing more pimples and blackheads. Use a water-based makeup if you must wear makeup.

Avoid squeezing – resist the temptation to pick, squeeze, rub or touch your blackheads and pimples. These actions increase the sebum production and rupture the membrane below your skin. This can in turn cause an infection and spread the sebum underneath your skin resulting in more pimples.

Clean pillow case – when your face lies on your pillow case it is absorbing the oils from your skin and collects dirt and oil. Keeping your sheets and pillow cases clean will decrease breakouts.

Foods rich in Zinc – zinc are an antibacterial agent that is necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin. Diets low in zinc may actually cause acne breakouts.

Getting into a good skin care routine takes time and dedication. You will need patience as results will not happen overnight. But with time you should see positive results.

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The Truth About Removing Acne Scarring

Ugly scarring which shows up on your facial skin usually is a consequence of serious acne. Cystic acne or common acne is typically the primary reason. It really is one very common condition that many individuals wish to get remedied when the acne at last clears away. You can get a procedure done by a physician to diminish acne scarring and there are also steps you can take in your own home.

Many people might be satisfied with the look of their own facial skin if they simply had the option to diminish the acne scarring. Acne scars are generally noticeable red colored or even purplish scars and difficult to mask. Because scarring is usually irreversible, we try to make them less noticeable. There are non-prescription lotions that will slowly diminish acne scarring. Mederma can be obtained without being prescribed by a doctor and provides a cash back guarantee. The makers of Mederma do not claim that it can totally clear your face of the scarring. However, Mederma is going to noticeably diminish the scars. Mederma is pricey but a single tube may go a very long way. If all of the scars are diminished continued use will not be needed. When your scars are indented, typically the presence of the scar is principally due to a dim shadow. It is dealt with via simple collagen shots into the scar.

There are facial skin peeling remedies offered that will decrease the actual presence of acne scarring. They often need multiple sessions and also may be costly. Typical treatments carried out to diminish acne scarring are dermabrasion and also laser skin treatment. The long-term safety associated with laser skin treatment has not been established. There continues to be disagreement as well as discussion around this process. Dermabrasion seems safe. However, you will require a period of recuperation following that.

Dead skin removal on a daily basis and also use of Vitamin E oil is an easy way to diminish acne scarring inexpensively in your own home. A lot of people are not keen to invest cash for anything aesthetic. Exfoliation is definitely a risk-free method. The more time the scar is existing, the harder it will likely be to change the look. It is possible to diminish acne scarring in your own home when the scars are moderate. Lemon continues to be successful for minimizing scarring for most people. Typically the citric acid it has helps get rid of the dead skin cells, boost facial skin suppleness, and really help brand new cell formation. It may be troublesome for individuals having hypersensitive skin. However, it probably will diminish your scarring. Natural Aloe Vera is known for therapeutic capacity and may help to diminish scarring. The ideal Aloe Vera to utilize is dependent upon just how much it is mixed together with non-active components that will water down the rejuvenating attributes.

An exfoliating serum which you can buy is Bliss Sleeping Pill Serum. This uses amino acids to scrub your pores and skin and also reduce dark scarring. An additional non-prescription method to diminish acne scarring is by using an item called Advance Complex Fade Gel. It is usually used for the treatment of skin blemishes like scarring. It is uniquely formulated for those who have darker skin color. This also has sun-screen in order to stop any skin blemishes from re-occurring.

Consult An Online Dermatologist For Acne Treatment

echnology has changed our lives in a number of ways, right from how we live, how we shop, how we work to how we receive medical care. In modern times, it is no longer important for people to visit physical stores to buy things or stand in a queue to pay their bills. Most of the tasks can be done online through a computer or a mobile app. This type of revolution is also seen in the medical world. Today, patients can consult doctors by installing an app on their smart phones.

There are many people across the globe who suffer from various skin problems and find visits to the doctor a painful and time consuming task. The good news for such people is that they can now get proper acne treatment by consulting an online dermatologist.

Most of the people suffering from acne initially try to treat it by using creams, lotions, ointments, home remedies or over the counter skin products instead of visiting a doctor. They consult a doctor only when none of these work or when the situation gets worse. The days of visiting the doctor in person are gone. A recent study has proved that acne patients who received online treatment got cured in the same way as patients who were treated in the doctor’s office. Online dermatology services offer immense benefits to people struggling with severe acne or other skin problems.

A certified online dermatologist can effectively cater to your acne concerns. Patients can start by downloading any of the various available apps and uploading pictures of their skin condition and providing details about their medical history, if any. Online dermatologists can then review and prescribe a personalized medication for acne treatment. Instant communication makes it very convenient for both the parties to share information. The method of diagnosis and treatment of an online dermatologist are same as that of the traditional clinics. Even the billing practices and medical codes are same and in some cases online ones can prove to be more affordable. They prescribe generic medicines which you can easily get at any nearby medical store. There are many doctors who offer custom-tailored medication which they send by post to the patients address in a few days.

Online apps offer you an easy and improved access to doctors online who can offer you their valued services and care. The best part is that online consultation is accepted by insurance companies too.

If you are frustrated with your acne problems and finding it difficult to visit a physical clinic, try services and care of a certified online dermatologist. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.